Yacht Rules and Tips

In order to make your accomodation the easiest possible we hand to you a brief reminder of the yacht rules

1 – The Crew. The Captain is responsible for the boat,the crew and the passengers. The captain is in charge of vessel’sleadershipr the leadership, security, navigation and technology. He has the right at any time and if deemed necessary, to change the planned itinerary and / or to stop the boat due to weather ‘s or security’s reasons .

2 – Safety. The yacht is equipped according to, and in line with, the safety standards required by maritime current legislation. Its equipment includes life jackets (in a number greater than or equal to the maximum capacity of persons on board), one or two life rafts or rescue cutters, several fire extinguishers installed in the cabins as well as in hallways and utility rooms. One or two floats are placed along the rail of the boat perimeter, and many on the deck.You are not allowed to use or handle the instruments on board without the permission of the skipper. Unless specifically authorized by the skipper, it is strictly forbidden to look into, and/or manipulate and/or intervene in any of the various technical parts of the boat like the electrical system, the plumbing, the mechanical parts, the engine, the generators, the watermaker device, as well as any kind of maneuvers on the bridge and of any parts thereof.

3 – Water and bathrooms. The exhaust plumbing of a vessel is always more delicate than that of a home system. It thus requires not to throw toilet paper or any other kind of material into the toilet. Concerning the use of fresh water , we remind that the boat is equipped with a watermaker (or desalination system); however, the relative plant and the water storing capacity onboard, however, are not comparable to those of a normal house and, it is therefore warmly and highly recommended, for the common interest and comfort, to strictly avoid any waste of water. Some tips:

– If possible always rinse the dishes in the sea before placing them in the dishwasher – Close taps when not strictly necessary
– Take short showers, preferring to use the outdoor shower to rinse the salt.

4 – Electricity. Electricity is provided by batteries and for that reason should be well and wisely administered especially when the boat is at anchor or going sailing. Do not leave lights on unnecessarily. When the boat is moored at the dock and duly connected via cable to the 220 volts power plugs, it is allowed to relax and indulge in a few more amenities.

5 – Cleanings and laundry. If you are engaging an hostess, she will be responsible for the daily cleanings of the cabins and the change of sheets and towels. Because of the physiological limits of storage capacity, bed linens and towels will be changed once during the week. Please do not use the cabin towels as beach towels.

6 – Meals. If you are engaging an hostess, she will prepare all meals according to the proposed and agreed menu. It is important to point out that the menu is always subject to market availability and conditions.

7 – The shoes. In order to avoid spoiling the vessel’s outside and inside surfaces, you will be asked to store your shoes in the appropriate closets. On the deck it is compulsory to use exclusively nautical shoes, tennis or shoes with a rubber sole.

8 – The dinghy. For safety reasons the use of the tender is strictly reserved to the Captain.

9 – Smoke and drugs. For safety reasons it is forbidden to smoke inside the boat; it is allowed only outdoors and always “downwind” to others.
Cigarette butts are not be thrown into the sea: they are not biodegradable and they take years to decompose. Use a plastic bottle with a finger of water to obtain an hermetic ashtray. It is also prohibited to have sedative or antidepressant medical substances as well as are drugs of any kind unless in possession of a valid prescription. It is hereby reminded and underlined that the possession of drugs or similar substances, is a clear matter of security which might lead to the immediate landing of the keeper at the first nearer possible port and to the relevant communication to the Guard Coast Authority.

10 – Common areas. Do not leave your personal effects in common areas; the disorder can create coexistence and security problems for navigation. Take also care to always maintain your belongings and all objects well and wisely organized in order to avoid undesired misplacements or falls.

11 – Itinerary. We suggest an itinerary that provides 3-4 hours daily to reach the beaches or the most fascinating anchors of your destination. It’s possible to change the program always according to weather conditions, boat’s and guests’ safety and expected disembarking day for the end of cruising in the location indicated in the contract.
Note: the itinerary can be modified at the discretion of the Captain, according to weather and sea conditions or for reasons of force majeure if they were to result in a lack of security for guests, crew and vessel.

12 – The service included / not included: In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we briefly summarize:
– The bar. Your contract provides for the lease in full charter and consequently, each spending on foodstuffs and beverages is charged to guests, including the galley for the crew on board.
– Fuel. The fuel needed for navigation is not included in the rental price; the boat will be delivered with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank.
– The port and customs charges. Customs fees, port, entry / exit from areas subject to payment are entirely borne by the guests.

The boat and its equipment are your safety and your shell; respect them and use them as if they were yours, bearing in mind that they are very delicate and are easily damageable. Harmony on board is important. Mutual respect for your fellow travelers , collaboration and team spirit are key ingredients for the success of a stay on board.
These are just some of the most important tips for harmonious co-existence; for everything that was not mentioned, we leave it to mutual “COMMON SENSE” .

We thank you for choosing our fleet and wish you an unforgettable cruise

The Owner

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